FRI 12TH FEB 2016


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Pontis To Open Up In Sheffield

London based Ponti’s Italian Kitchen has announced its first opening outside the capital – with a new Italian restaurant planned at north ... Full Article

Is It Worth Working With Your In-laws?

In-laws in many business families often find themselves at a disadvantage. As nearly every married (or formerly married) person recognises, tensions w... Full Article

Britain’s Oldest Family Business Turns 500

Balsons is celebrating 500 years as a family business and still sells pork sausages using the same recipe that was used back in the 16th century. Full Article

The Great British Family Business 2016

Delighted to announce the FBU flagship conference, The Great British Family Business 2016 Full Article

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When Strategy & Values Collide

Family-owned companies have entrenched cultures and values. Outsiders must tread very carefully. Full Article


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