THU 26TH MAY 2016


Bringing the family business community together

Jobs Created At JCB

Full production is getting underway this month of a brand new JCB machine – a product innovation which has created around 85 new jobs.  Full Article

Iconic Green Livery For Flying Scotsman

The world’s most famous locomotive, the Flying Scotsman, is back on track in its iconic British Rail green livery thanks to the industry renowne... Full Article

Thriving As A Family Business Leader

Are you a thriving leader?  Do you know of others who are? As a test, ask yourself, “How many of these four leadership behaviours are shown... Full Article

Is It Worth Working With Your In-laws?

In-laws in many business families often find themselves at a disadvantage. As nearly every married (or formerly married) person recognises, tensions w... Full Article

Hot Topics

Seven Signs Of The Greed Syndrome

It is said that without greed we would still be living in caves but, left unchecked, the insatiable desire for more and better material things can be destructive. Full Article


Succession Planning Keeps Owners Awake At Night


Enough Money Can Cause Family Tension


Characteristics Of High Performing Teams

There are an incredible number of resources about leadership, but ther... Full Article


Balancing The Family Business Board