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Family Business United Launch New Badge For Family Business

Family businesses are the engine room of the UK economy and deserve all the recognition they get for the contributions they make. Family Business United is delighted to announce the launch of a new badge for British Family Business to recognise and celebrate the sector.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United ('FBU') explains, "We are encouraging all British family businesses to subscribe to the British Family Business Badge to proudly promote that they are a family business and proud of their roots. Research confirms that consumers place more trust in family owned businesses (Source: Edelman Trust Barometer) and the products and services they provide."

FBU members gain use of the emblem as part of their membership which enables them to use the emblem on websites, letterheads, signs and other assets whilst other family firms simply purchase a licence to use the badge on an annual basis.

As Paul continues, "Family businesses are the engine room of the UK economy, making a significant contribution through the people they employ, the income they generate, the wealth they create and the communities that they support, which for many, has been something that they have done for generations."

"We truly believe that family firms deserve all the recognition that they can get and to be proud of their roots, to celebrate all the good that as a community they do, and as such have created a ‘badge’ that enables them to celebrate who they are as part of a wider community.

Family businesses displaying the badge demonstrate the underlying essence of being a family business, notably that they are:

  • Proud in being a family business

  • Committed to doing business the right way

  • Invested in creating a sustainable firm for future generations

  • Committed to taking a long term view

  • Proud in having a heritage but recognising the need to remain relevant, now and for the future

Family firms are encouraged to sign up or become FBU members and use the emblem as part of their pride in being a family business, taking the long term view, acting as custodians for future generations, doing business the right way and continuing to invest in their businesses to ensure that they are fit for the future.

The badge has been created and endorsed by Family Business United, a globally recognised champion of family firms, and seeks to bring the family business community together to celebrate the important role it has today, and will do going forward.

Family firms across the UK are already engaging with the new campaign and displaying the badge.

Joanne Gualda, Group Marketing Director at Alfred Bagnall & Sons in Yorkshire i supporting the campaign adding: “Founded back in 1875, Bagnalls continues to be a proud family business, now in its fifth generation. We continue to look forward as a specialist painting contractor as we approach our 150 year anniversary in 2025."

"Family values are embedded into our culture and as a family business we pride ourselves on the work we do and the way that we do it, as we have done for generations. We are delighted to support the launch of the Family Business badge which recognises the contribution of family firms and celebrates the very essence of businesses like ours.”

Grant Georgiades, Managing Director of Plan Group in Surrey adds: "We are proud to support the new campaign from FBU. As a family business we’re passionate about trading in the right way and are steadfastly committed to the long term. Our ethical practices aim to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come and we honour our heritage whilst embracing innovation to remain relevant today and resilient for the future. Join us on this journey, where pride in our family values shapes a business that will stand the test of time."

Workhorse Group Managing Director, Simon Dickerson said, “As a family business, Workhorse Group are proud to be using the new British Family Business Mark. Being a member of Family Business United gives us access to support and an extensive information centre that benefits our customers."

"By seeing the new mark, our customers can be confident in our values, and know that they are working with a quality British family firm.”

As Paul concludes, “We wanted to create something iconic, that reflects the importance of the sector, draws from the past in terms of the roots of where family firms were founded and from where they have grown to become great family firms of today and with their focus firmly on tomorrow."

"We hope that the badge will encourage family firms to embrace their ownership, the very nature of who they are and what differentiates them, and provide a means by which we can celebrate their importance."

"What is more, research has demonstrated over the years that family firms are trusted and more respected than their non-family owned counterparts and to that extent celebrating their very ownership is a good thing and we are delighted to have created a badge that celebrates the sector and that will hopefully make an even greater difference too.”

Find out more about the Badge of British Family Business here

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