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Bechtel-Built Facility Generates Energy At Full Capacity

The Bechtel-built Cutlass Solar 2 project in Fort Bend, Texas, is complete and generating electricity at full capacity for the first time, sending enough clean, renewable energy to the grid to power 40,000 homes—a milestone that comes ahead of the 13-month delivery schedule.

The 218 Megawatt (MW) solar facility delivered for Sabanci Climate Technologies comprises almost half a million solar panels spanning 1,100 acres.

  • The project will save an estimated 600,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.

  • Cutlass Solar 2 is the second solar facility in Texas built by Bechtel, which completed the neighboring Cutlass Solar 1 plant in January 2023.

  • In total, Cutlass Solar 1 and Cutlass Solar 2 will power more than 60,000 homes across Texas.

Scott Austin, Bechtel General Manager of Renewables & Clean Power said:

“We’re delighted to get Cutlass Solar 2 to maximum capacity to provide more renewable power for Texans, support America’s energy transition, and help achieve the Lone Star State's goal to become the nation’s largest producer of solar power."
"Bechtel is proud to partner with Sabanci Climate Technologies in their pursuit to make clean, renewable energy more accessible to the people of Texas.”

Ismail Bilgin, President, Sabanci Climate Technologies said:

“We partnered with Bechtel for our first solar venture because they are experts in delivering projects better and faster. Sending maximum power to Texas’ grid is a fantastic milestone in this successful project and reconfirms that we were right to choose Bechtel."
"We’re looking forward to continuing this success on our next project, Oriana, together.”

To meet the project’s ambitious schedule, Bechtel employed data-driven automation, survey robots, machine-controlled equipment, drones, and a mindset that ‘every minute matters.’

Bechtel’s first-of-a-kind digital execution hub used at Cutlass Solar 2 enabled 100% digital delivery through software integration. The hub gathers data directly from equipment in the field and feeds the data into an interactive map-based visualization. You can watch a video about Bechtel’s smart digital delivery at Cutlass projects here.

At peak construction, more than 300 people were employed on the site. Approximately 30% of our professional staff and 15% of the project’s craft professionals were women, representing two and a half times the industry average.

Bechtel leads renewables projects from the development stage through commissioning and handover. The company will soon begin constructing the Oriana Solar facility for Sabanci Climate Technologies in Victoria County, Texas. Oriana Solar is expected to produce enough clean energy to power more than 34,000 homes.

Learn more about how Bechtel is partnering on projects that power communities around the world here.


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