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Bagnalls Does Its Bit for Sustainability

This Plastic Free July, award-winning national decorating contractors Bagnalls is doing its bit to protect our planet. Small actions can have a big impact and Bagnalls now recycles 44.5 tonnes of plastic and metal through Crown Trade’s Can Back scheme.

The scheme enables painters and decorators to recycle empty paint cans, completely free of charge. Instead of sending empty paint cans to landfill, programmes like Crown Trade’s Can Back scheme recycle the plastic and metal paint pots and repurpose the materials elsewhere.

Crown Trade proudly stocks a number of their products across their range in packaging crafted from 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) plastic. This reduces the need for raw materials, driving the circular economy for the full lifecycle of the product range.

Ben Featherstone, Sustainability Coordinator at Bagnalls, comments “Crown’s Can Back scheme has helped us recycle 44.5 tonnes of empty plastic and metal cans – a 14% increase in the number of cans we were able to recycle in 2022. These cans would previously have gone to landfill, but can now be used by manufacturers to make new paint cans.”

Bagnalls is also proud to have been able to use Graphenstone paint at a recent project at Church House in London. This specialist paint actually absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it is applied to a surface, combining aesthetics with sustainability.

“By using Graphenstone paint, we have absorbed seven tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere” adds Ben.

“However, we know there is still more work to be done – this is why we’ve set considered targets for the future. We aim to recycle 90% of our paint cans and continue to work with manufacturers to find methods to recycle cans that cannot currently be recycled."
“We’re aiming to do our bit for the planet, making sure we make the sustainable choice where possible and striving to be kind to the environment, while still delivering high-quality painting and decorating projects to our valued customers.”


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