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Bringing the family business community together

A Winning Cornish Partnership

20th August 2018 Paul Andrews

St Austell Brewery have signed a new two-year partnership with Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream which means consumers will be able to enjoy a delicious range of dairy products on the menus!

The significant deal, which brings together two of the county’s oldest and most successful family-owned businesses – St Austell Brewery which was founded in 1851 and Rodda’s in 1890 - builds on an existing relationship between the two like-minded companies that already saw award-winning Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream gracing the dessert plates of pubs and hotels in Cornwall and Devon.

Signing the new deal, Chief Executive James Staughton said, “We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with Rodda’s on an even larger scale than before. We are both family owned companies and share similar values and a commitment to supporting local businesses and local food ingredient sourcing. As both companies continue to spread their wings it makes absolute sense to develop an already successful relationship and extend it for the benefit of all.”

On top of shared values, both companies work hard to ensure that their respective businesses are sustainable and benefit local communities. St Austell Brewery were instrumental in creating the Cornish Barley Grower’s Initiative in the early 2000s, which introduced barley as a staple grain back into Cornwall and now sees 12 local farms returning over 2,000 tons of grain to the Brewery, all of which is used to make the South West’s favourite beers, including Tribute, Korev and Proper Job.

Similarly, Rodda’s has shown their commitment to strengthening links with the West Cornwall farming community. In 2016 the company introduced direct milk contracts to farmers within a 30-mile radius. As a result, the Rodda’s Farming Family Group has grown over the past year, now directly sourcing 68 million litres of milk annually from 52 Cornish farms.

Clotted Cream has become a treasured Cornish export. The Rodda family spearheaded a campaign which resulted in Cornish Clotted Cream gaining Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status in 1998, joining the prestigious ranks of Champagne, Stilton cheese and Parma ham. Cornish clotted cream has to be made in Cornwall, with Cornish milk and in the traditional way.

Rodda's Managing Director, Nicholas Rodda, said: “This past decade has seen a huge rise in the credibility and popularity of authentic food and ingredients sourced from Cornwall. Cornwall is now widely recognised and celebrated as producing some of the very best food and drink in the world. As a business, we are so proud to be working with likeminded companies such as St Austell Brewery to champion these successes, alongside our farming families who provide such high-quality produce and make it happen.  It’s fabulous that you can now be 30,000 feet up in the air on a flight and enjoy a taste of Cornwall with Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream and St Austell Tribute Ale available on selected airlines.”

As well as the PDO-designated Cornish clotted cream, customers of the Brewery’s retail estate of pubs and hotels will be able to experience the mouth-watering taste of Rodda’s double cream and milk plus Davidstow Cheddar cheese products as part of the new far-reaching partnership deal.


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