MON 24TH SEP 2018


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Creating An Internal Market For Shares In The Family Business

In a family business how do you deal with someone wanting to cash in their shares and how do you value them? Read More

Managing The Growing Shareholder Base

The increasing number of shareholders over time creates a challenge for many family firms. Read More

Truth About Trading In A Family Business

Trading the products or services of the family business for something in return is more common than most people like to admit Read More

The Valuation Of Shareholdings For Matrimonial Purposes

A 2013 Northern Ireland Family Law Case has decided that no minority interest discount should be applied in certain instances when valuing minority shareholdings for the purposes of ancillary relief in divorce. Read More

Difficulties Of Buy-Sell Agreements

Wayne Rivers explores some of the reasons buy-sell agreements are so difficult to craft and implement. Read More

Selling Shares In Private Businesses

With growing numbers of private businesses looking to equity, rather than debt, to raise finance, entrepreneurs have to consider how they might offer share liquidity to their investors at a much earlier stage than ever before. Read More

The Hidden Tax Trap

It is important to formalise all your family business decisions to ensure that problems don't come to the fore later on, causing unnecessary inconvenience. Read More

Benefits Of A Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders’ agreement can promote discussions on key areas that can get overlooked due to the family dynamic.  Read More

Employee Share Incentives

Employee share incentives are a useful recruitment and retention tool and they can be extremely tax efficient.  How could a family owned business use employee share incentives? Read More

Family Businesses Need Shareholder Agreements Too

How a shareholders’ agreement is put in place to provide clarity amongst shareholders’ in regards to how the business operates and what happens in one of those doomsday scenarios. Read More