WED 29TH JAN 2020


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Employing Family Members

Employing family members should be no different to employing non-family but there are some areas to avoid when employing family members in the family firm to reduce the risk of conflicts later on. Read More

CGT Implications For Part Time Second Home Occupancy

Second homes – the capital gains tax implications of being a part-time occupier? Norma Stewart explains the changes to the tax rules on the sale of second properties. Read More

Working With Dad: 13 Rules For Success

Working with your Dad in a family business can be the best decision you have ever made or the worst experience of your life.  How do you improve the chances of the former? Read More

Twitter And The law: An Eight-Point Guide

Solicitor Tom Rudkin outlines the legal pitfalls of posting on social media, and Twitter in particular and the consequential need for reputation management. Read More

Do Employment Tribunal Changes Aid Recruitment?

Entrepreneur Charlie Mullins believes recent changes to employment tribunal legislation have encouraged recruitment. Read More

Everyone's A Loser If Overtime Counts For Holiday Pay!

Family business owner Charlie Mullins shares forthright views on behalf of business owners on holiday pay. Read More

Employment Law Changes

Upcoming changes to employment law that impact your family business. Read More