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Family Business Are 'Unsung Heroes' Of The Global Economy

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Businesses Remain Cautiously Optimistic Over The Future

Positive outlook despite hints of 'triple dip' Read More

Latest Research Project Into Generational Transition

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Business Owners Warn Of Lack Of Soft Skills Among Family Business Advisers

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A Family Affair

An investigation into the challenges facing the UK family business sector conducted by Barclays Bank. Read More

The Family And The Business

Research into the dynamics and relatioships in family firms in Malaysia. Read More

Study Of Family Owned Enterprises

An academic research project into family firms in the Dominican Republic. Read More

The Financial Affairs Of UK Family Businesses

Survey into the key factors affecting financial and succession planning decisions for family business owners in the UK. Read More

Australian Family Firms Surviving

According to RMIT University research family firms in Australia are surviving but not thriving. Read More

GCC Family Businesses Face New Challenges

Great insight into the challenges faced by GCC family firms from booz&co Read More

Family Business In Singapore

Latest research from KPMG in Singapore identifies the challenges facing family firms. Read More

Growing The Future Of Australia’s Family Businesses

The results of the 2012 PwC global family business survey. Read More

The Oldest Family Businesses In Britain

Family Business United looked dug deep to uncover some of the oldest family business gems in Britain.  Who are the oldest 10 family firms in Britain? Read More

Scotland's Oldest Family Firms

Family Business United conducted a recent research project to identify the oldest family firms in Scotland. Read More

Research Identifies Oldest Family Businesses in Scotland

Latest research undertaken by Family Business United identifies the oldest family firms in Scotland. Read More