TUE 28TH JAN 2020


Bringing the family business community together


Employing Family Members

Employing family members should be no different to employing non-family but there are some areas to avoid when employing family members in the family firm to reduce the risk of conflicts later on. Read More

The Challenge Of Rewarding Family Members

Employing family members can present a number of challenges for the family business owner Read More

Rewarding The Family 'Sweat Equity'

Dealing with the question of fair remuneration for family members... Read More

Employees Choose Protection Over Pay Rises

Research highlights how much employees value their benefit package Read More

Work With Family & Still Enjoy A Summer BBQ

Leading family business consultants, Family Business Solutions, look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with your family. Read More

Does Your Family Business Start With Why...

Can you answer the question: What is the purpose behind my business? Read More

Should Spouses Become Owners?

Family firms battle with this issue on a regular basis but what needs to be thought about when someone marries into the family and then seeks ownership in the family firm? Read More

Having Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are the part of talent management that we’d all rather pass over if we had the chance, but they’re also some of the most vital elements of HR and business management as a whole. Read More

Skeletons In The Closet

This paper explores the dynamic nature of family skeletons and the potential benefits of unearthing and examining the difficult stories of a family’s history. Read More

Working With Family

Working with family can be both challenging and rewarding. In this article David Lenehan gives some insight in what it is like working with family and the steps you can take to make the business thrive. Read More

An Important Season For The Family....Business

This sense of becoming a ‘business family’ is fundamental to the success of the businesses, but what about the fundamental needs of ‘a’ family? Read More

Family Meetings: Communication Or Governance Tools?

Governance of the family business is a complex area and the role of family meetings needs to be clearly understood in the broader context of the family and the business. Read More

Facing Conflict Through Family Councils

One of the moments of truth to test the usefulness of family councils is its capacity to address family conflicts or crisis. Read More

Nepotism: Negative or Nice?

Nepotism does not have to be negative! Some closely held businesses actually promote nepotism to the point that they encourage the practice among employees. Read More

Compensation Issues With Next-Generation Leadership

How to determine which child earns what, how to avoid hurt feelings, how to transcend parental perspectives in coming up with a fair plan, how to help lower earners advance to earn more long-term. Read More