MON 25TH MAY 2020


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Process Of Creating A Family Constitution

A family constitution is a confidential family document outlining their vision and agreement on ownership and management of the business. So how do you create one? Read More

Difficult Conversations For Management

The hidden pressures that can make managing family businesses a challenge Read More

An Asian Perspective On Developing The Next Generation

An interesting and thought-provoking insight into Asian family business owner thoughts about succession and the next generation. Read More

The ‘Family Factor’ in Family Businesses

Understanding family businesses entails understanding the ‘family factor’, more specifically family ownership, involvement, commitment, values, vision, self-perception and succession. Read More

Daughters In Family Businesses

Historically daughters were not considered for succession into ma­n­a­­gerial positions in family businesses. Read More

Trust In Family Businesses

Trust is a fundamental basis for both cooperation and competitive advantage in family businesses Read More

Healthy Conversations for Before A Marriage

What’s really critical is opening up healthy lines of communication and having those difficult conversations. Read More

Creating Successful Boundaries In Family Firms

Boundaries are probably the most important aspect of running a successful family business without destroying relationships. Read More

Pre-Nuptial Agreements & Family Business

Unlike death and taxes, divorce is not inevitable. But it is increasingly common. Prudent families in business, looking to the long term, will want to make plans just in case it happens. Read More

Work With Family & Still Enjoy A Summer BBQ

Leading family business consultants, Family Business Solutions, look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with your family. Read More

Does Your Family Business Start With Why...

Can you answer the question: What is the purpose behind my business? Read More

When Family Farming Partnerships Go Wrong

Debbie King explains why advisers need to take a more active role Read More

Weathering The Storm

When crisis strikes a family business, advisers need a clear plan, with an emphasis on honesty, to minimise reputational damage Read More

How Can Unmarried Couples Protect Themselves?

Thrown on the 'scrapheap' can raise significant challenges for those involved but what steps can be taken when their is no marriage on the cards? Read More

Should Spouses Become Owners?

Family firms battle with this issue on a regular basis but what needs to be thought about when someone marries into the family and then seeks ownership in the family firm? Read More