SUN 22ND SEP 2019


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The Art Of Being A Good Family Business Leader

Pennny Webb shares her insight into what qualities are needed in order to succeed as a family business leader. Read More

The Succession Process

Never has there been a more crucial time to take a closer look at the issue of succession, especially in the Middle East. Read More

Coaching The Next Generation

Nurturing new leadership does not come natural to some family business leaders... Read More

Family Business Leadership Enquiry

Insights and observations of a select panel of family business leaders and experts on the complexities of culture, strategy, family and governance in the family firm. These issues are illustrated by stories and examples of leadership challenges, method Read More

Hoburne Announces New Managing Director

Caravan and holiday park authority Rod Tucker is the new Managing Director of Hoburne Ltd and Burry & Knight Ltd. Read More

Mother & Daughter Go Back To School

Julie Pickersgill, operations director at the growing Yorkshire IT company Advanced Digital Dynamics (ADD) believes in leading by example.  Read More

Creating Sustainable Leadership In Family Businesses

An insight into creating a sustainable path for leadership and a successful succession. Read More

Learning To Lead The Board

Running the family business board can be a challenge as it is often composed of family members with very different agendas.   Read More

Family Business Leadership Styles

Which of the three 'paternalistic leadership styles' works WORST for family firms? Read More

Someone Else WILL Be At The Helm

The need to talk is crucial if succession is to be effective and effected.  It is important not to leave it too late to discuss something as important as the family firm! Read More

Spotting A Problem Patriarch

Sometimes it’s the most successful leaders who sow the seeds for the downfall of a family business.  So how do you spor a problem patriarch wh may be the ticking time bomb? Read More

Resolve To Be A Better Leader

The beginning of each year is the perfect backdrop for making positive changes that may help one become a better, more effective, and respected leader and make their businesses more successful. Read More

What Top Executives Can Learn From Designers

Designers point the way for mobilising teams in a wired world and family business owners can learn from their actions too. Read More

Private Biz Chat, Management To Leadership

From management to leadership: Exploring the journey for private business leaders Read More

5 Signs Of A Successful Next Generation Leader

Family business survival depends on the ability of the next generation leader to manage and grow the enterprise. But how do you know if you possess the right qualities to succeed? Read More