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Changes To Unfair Dismissal Pay-Outs Do Not Go Far Enough...

The Institute of Directors thinks more could have been done Read More

Recruiting, Retaining & Motivating Staff In A Family Business

Family businesses need to position themselves as attractive propositions to appeal to new executives Read More

Employment Contracts For All

Prevent hassles arising down the line and ensure all family members have employment contracts in place Read More

Rewarding The Family 'Sweat Equity'

Dealing with the question of fair remuneration for family members... Read More

Ten Things To Think About When Employing Family Members

Andrew Drake suggests ten simple questions to consider before employing family members. Read More

Maternity Leave – Keeping In Touch Or Cut Off?

Keep abreast of your business' responsibiltiies towards employees on maternity leave. Read More

Employers In All Sectors Facing A Skills Shortage

Latest research shows almost 60% of employers believe their sector is facing a skills shortage Read More

Bechtel Named Queensland Employer Of The Year

Company recognized for Best Practice and Innovation in Training Read More

Emotional Ownership The Critical Pathway Between the Next Generation & The Family Firm

An international survey exploring the bond between the next generation and the family business. The report explains many of the psychological complexities that make building family capital both a rewarding and challenging task. Read More

JCB Celebrates Milestone In Patriotic Manner

JCB has celebrated the production of its 10,000th Teletruk forklift in patriotic style Read More

What Children Should Know Before Joining Family Firms

Good insight into the practicalities of succession planning with regards the next generation and on how to guide children into a family business. Read More

Could Flexible Working Be Good For Your Family Firm?

Could flexible working practices enhance the competitive advantage of your family firm?  Read More

To Join Or Not To Join The Family Business?

Juliette Johnson shares her thoughts on the next generation and the challenges associated with whether or not to join the family firm. Read More

To Be, Or Not To Be The Next Generation Leader

Four questions younger family members should ask themselves before deciding on whether to enter the family firm. Read More

Do Employment Tribunal Changes Aid Recruitment?

Entrepreneur Charlie Mullins believes recent changes to employment tribunal legislation have encouraged recruitment. Read More