MON 17TH FEB 2020


Bringing the family business community together


The ‘Family Factor’ in Family Businesses

Understanding family businesses entails understanding the ‘family factor’, more specifically family ownership, involvement, commitment, values, vision, self-perception and succession. Read More

Getting Dads Blessing!

One of the least understood and most overlooked issues within family businesses is having Dad’s blessing or approval. Read More

Barriers To Effective Communication

Paul Smith provides a thought-provoking piece underscoring that family business consulting is an exciting, demanding and very complex field. Read More

Getting The Balance Right!

You need the right balance of skills when working with family business clients! Read More

Family, Love & The Family Business

Is it relevant to have a definition about what is family love for family business purposes? Read More

Influence Of Consensus In Family Firms

When the ownership system is believed to be frozen in time, owners often concede too much power to irrevocability and underestimate the power of consensus to reflect change. Read More