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For Richer, For Poorer...

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The Financial Implications Of Divorce

Divorce can prove to be expensive, and not just in terms of legal fees. Read More

Pre-Nuptial Agreements & Family Business

Unlike death and taxes, divorce is not inevitable. But it is increasingly common. Prudent families in business, looking to the long term, will want to make plans just in case it happens. Read More

Divorce Is Rising But Don't Let It Ruin Your Finances

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How To Stop Divorce Decimating Your Family Business

Divorce can affect any of us and the emotional and psychological cost can be huge. When an owner of a business is involved, a divorce can be even more complex and costly. But there are ways of simplifying the process. Read More

The Changing Face Of Divorce

Useful insight into the changing relationship between lawyers and the family court Read More

Potential Impact Of Divorce On A Family Firm

Divorce where there is a family business can have a wide impact and be the cause of significant disagreements within the wider family.  Read More