MON 17TH FEB 2020


Bringing the family business community together


Planning For Posterity’s Prosperity

Why planning is key to preserving the legacy of a family business. Read More

Mapping The Future For Family Firms

To ensure longevitry, family businesses need to consider the challenges they face and design an appropriate road map to allow their future goals to be realised. Read More

Third Generation MD For Birchall Foodservice

Justin Birchall, third generation family business member has stepped up to MD in the family business. Read More

Family Business Survival In Hard Times

At some point family firms may need to exercise tough decisions in order to survive. Read More

Strategies For The Family Office

Sandy Loder explains the best strategy for a family office and how a lack of ‘emotional ownership’ can endanger its future. Read More

Family Business Long Termism

For many moons those running family businesses have spoken of how their long term perspective sets them apart from other business ownership structures in terms of how it influences their corporate behaviour and strategy. Read More

Why Your Company Needs a Resident Futurist

Being far-sighted about your family business strategy can help you prepare for the big global changes already unfolding. Read More

Ercol Appoints New Non-Executive Director

ercol, founded in 1920 and now one of Britain’s best known furniture companies, has announced the appointment of Sophie Mirman as a non-executive director on the board of Ercol Holdings with immediate effect. Read More

Stakeholder Strategies Make Or Break Sustainable Business

In an effort to meet sustainability challenges companies are striving to live up to stakeholder expectations.  Here are some of the thingds family firms should consider. Read More

Thriving As A Family Business Leader

How many of these four leadership behaviours are shown by you and others in your family business? Read More

The 21st Century Will Belong To Family Firms

An interesting perspective on the future of family firms, dispelling some of the myths surrounding the 'three generation rule' and looking at the enduring strengths of family businesses. Read More

Increased Staff Education On Pension Reforms

One year after the introduction of pension freedoms, employers are still grappling with the ways in which to educate their staff on pension reforms, with the popularity of government provision waning. Read More

Leadership Changes At Bechtel

Bechtel, one of the world’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction companies, today announced executive leadership changes with fifth generation taking the helm. Read More

Pension Awareness Day 2019

Pension Awareness Day is an award winning campaign that takes place annually on September 15. Read More

CFO's Need To Be Digital Pioneers

CFOs need to become ‘digital pioneers’ to elevate their position and lead business change according to latest research that highlights the changing role of the CFO.  Family businesses need to take note. Read More