SAT 25TH JAN 2020


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Influence Of Consensus In Family Firms

When the ownership system is believed to be frozen in time, owners often concede too much power to irrevocability and underestimate the power of consensus to reflect change. Read More

The Imposter Phenomenon

Have you ever wondered when you would be ‘found out’ or felt terrified at making a mistake because it ‘proves’ you are not perfect, and therefore not up to the job?  Fascinating insight... Read More

Living Up To Being A 'Hero'

The Hero Group is one of India’s best-known brands, with a proud history that goes back to the 1950’s, when Abhimanyu Munjal’s grandfather started a business making bicycles.  Read More

Millennials Concerned Over “Lack Of Control” At Work

Millennials cite “lack of control” over their working lives as a key concern according to new research from St. James’s Place Academy Read More

Divorce & The Family Business

If divorce is a stressful time for families, it's stressful too for family businesses. The impact of court orders can be severe.  Here are some things to consider. Read More

4 Tips For Avoiding Conflict

Honest and clear communication is so critical to family business success. Here we highlight a few of the hot spots that can spark trouble in a family business and how to avoid them. Read More

Long Term Impact Of Childhood Rows

Many conflicts in family businesses can be traced to relationship dysfunctions that began when one or more of the participants were children. Read More