SUN 22ND SEP 2019


Bringing the family business community together


Six Good Reasons To Write A Constitution In 2016

As the complexity of family and business relationships increase, families can turn to a formal “family constitution” to create a healthy communication and decision-making environment.  Read More

Why Fights Erupt In Family Businesses

It’s one of life’s sad ironies that folks who love one another can end up having far more acrimonious business relations than people who are unrelated. Read More

The Family Business Map: Assets and Roadblocks in Long Term Planning

An international guide for family businesses, showing how to identify and implement the best governance strategies.   Read More

Another Way To Write A Constitution

Barbara Hauser takes a fresh look at governance and the role of constitutions with some practical suggestions to help families move forward. Read More

The 21st Century Will Belong To Family Firms

An interesting perspective on the future of family firms, dispelling some of the myths surrounding the 'three generation rule' and looking at the enduring strengths of family businesses. Read More

Family Business Owners Must Set The Agenda (Without Micromanaging)

A good insight into the role of ownership and the delicate balance with involvement in the day to day operations of the family business. Read More

Balancing The Family Business Board

Sustainable and successful family businesses tend to have strong governance. One important prong in their governance models is the board of directors but it needs to be balanced. Read More

New Family Business Appointment At PwC

PwC, the professional services firm, is pleased to announce that Clare Stirzaker has been promoted to partner and will lead the UK family governance team, with a particular focus on the support PwC offer to the next generation of family business leader Read More

How Can A Family Charter Help?

Family Business Charters can help to bind the family together but how can they be used to unify the family in its approach to the business.  Read More

What Is A Family Charter?

Family charters (sometimes also known as family constitutions, agenda or protocols) are statements of intent or agreements entered into by family members in relation to a family business. Read More

Good Governance

Perfect governance of a family owned business would be like having lightning in a bottle so what is governance and what does it mean for family firms.  Adam Jones explains more. Read More

4 Tips For Avoiding Conflict

Honest and clear communication is so critical to family business success. Here we highlight a few of the hot spots that can spark trouble in a family business and how to avoid them. Read More

Signs You’re Losing Control Of Your Family Business

Keeping control of your family business isn’t easy. For a start, ownership is not typically a full-time job, but is rather peripheral to your everyday work and lives... Read More

Long Term Impact Of Childhood Rows

Many conflicts in family businesses can be traced to relationship dysfunctions that began when one or more of the participants were children. Read More