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Bringing the family business community together


Nepotism: Negative or Nice?

Nepotism does not have to be negative! Some closely held businesses actually promote nepotism to the point that they encourage the practice among employees. Read More

The Achilles Heel Of Family And Non-family Firms.

The challenges of nepotism, cronyism, and ideologism. Read More

Relationships KEY To Family Business Success

Perhaps the single most important element in the success or failure of a family business is the relationship among key members of the business family. Read More

Playing Different Roles At Man Yue Technology Holdings

Next generation MD of this Hong Kong listed family firm explains the need for clarity of roles. Read More

Empowerment Plan for Female Farmers

Family owned Mars Chocolate announces two new partnerships. Read More

In The Eyes Of The Incumbent

What factors affect the intention decision of selecting a family or non-family member as the future CEO? Read More

Family Ties Help When Firms Go Bust

When their business goes into distress, family firms have more than money at stake. Does this place them in a better position to manage their way out of trouble? Read More

Getting Dads Blessing!

One of the least understood and most overlooked issues within family businesses is having Dad’s blessing or approval. Read More

Getting The Balance Right!

You need the right balance of skills when working with family business clients! Read More

Meshing The Emotional With Pure Business Considerations

Are family businesses soft and fuzzy or just better at handling paradoxes?  An insight into how family businesses balance both family and business. Read More

Family Biz Chat - Governance

Family Business United is delighted to be hosting a new series of interactive family business events. Read More

The Family Business Should Not Fail For Family Reasons

Latest insight from the PwC Family Business Survey with steps to help ensure that failure for family reasons has less chance of actually happening. Read More

Every Family Business Needs A Mukoyoshi

Check out some of the most noted outsiders who have become part of the wider family and made a big difference as a result. Read More

Managing The People Liability In Family Firms

Quasi-partnerships and how to avoid disputes in the family business. Read More

5 Ways To Manage Conflict In A Family Business

David Harland looks at five rules to help manage conflict in a family business. Read More