SAT 4TH APR 2020


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What Will You Do After The Funeral?

No one likes to think of it. No one wants to imagine what life would be like if we were to have to go on without our spouses, best friends, and lovers.  Read More

Treating Children Fairly & Equitably

One of the most troubling estate planning decisions is how to divide your assets when you and your spouse are gone. It is one of the biggest reasons why family business owners don’t complete estate planning. Read More

Lack Of Succession Planning Can Have Dire Results

Have you prepared for what will happen to the business when you are no longer involved? Read More

Preparing The Next Generation

Preparing the next generation for ownership and management is a key task in any family business wishing to succeed and grow from one generation to the next.  Read More

Why Is Succession So Difficult?

Sometimes the founder may see a rival in their offspring, and sometimes pure ego and the desire for power drives them to stay on too long. Read More

Future Proofing The Family Business

Succession is a dynamic journey, and anyone involved in this process should seek to understand it before venturing forward Read More

Bridging The Gap

The latest research into next generation challenges from PwC. Read More

Employee Ownership: It's Not Just For John Lewis

Latest incentives make employee ownership an even more attractive consideration for any family owned business Read More

What Will Your Children Inherit?

An insight into the need to consider the human aspects of succession, that it is 'a process and not an event.' Read More

Harrison Achieves Bronze Food for Life Catering Mark

Harrison Catering Services has recently achieved the Soil Association’s Bronze Food for Life Catering Mark for another six schools in the London area. Read More

The Generation Game

Without formal succession planning, family-owned businesses run the risk of not being sustainable. Read More

Planning For Posterity’s Prosperity

Why planning is key to preserving the legacy of a family business. Read More

Investment Bank Of 'Mum and Dad'

Anxiety amongst some parents that their children won’t be able to secure employment or face large debts, with many planning to help them with financial outlays. Read More

In Family Firms The Kids Are Alright

According to latest research younger generation would keep a family business alive Read More

From Brewing Scion To The Billionaires’ Furniture-Maker

Mark Boddington, ninth generation member of the UK’s Boddingtons Ale dynasty, wants to build the lesser-known aspect of his family’s name: furniture-making Read More