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Governance Practices In GCC Family Firms

Joint research report published by The Pearl Initiative and PwC based on governance practices in GCC family firms. Read More

Lack Of Governance Stunts UK Family Business Growth

Governance is a major challenge to the growth of gamily firms in the UK according to recent research. Read More

Family Business Round Table Discussion

Join us for in London for lunch to discuss the challenges facing family firms in the UK today. Read More

The 6 Practices Of Successful Families In Business

By re-positioning the family enterprise as a source for values, rather than simply a source of wealth, we explore a practical framework for families to pursue the success of their family, their firm, and their future. Read More

Family Ties Help When Firms Go Bust

When their business goes into distress, family firms have more than money at stake. Does this place them in a better position to manage their way out of trouble? Read More

Five Documents All Family Firms Should Have (And Use)

In order to ensure their businesses survive, thrive and grow, leaders of family businesses should consider these documents to help them. Read More

Governance 'Fatigue' In Family Firms

Over time family businesses may find there is inertia and so-called 'fatigue' when it comes to the governance of the family firm. Read More

What Is The Right Family Office Strategy?

Sandy Loder explains the best strategy for a family office and how a lack of ‘emotional ownership’ can endanger its future. Read More

Family Biz Chat - Governance

Family Business United is delighted to be hosting a new series of interactive family business events. Read More

5 Ways To Manage Conflict In A Family Business

David Harland looks at five rules to help manage conflict in a family business. Read More

What Makes A Successful Family Business?

An insight on how to run a successful family firm and manage relationships properly, from the owner of a successful family business! Read More

Corporate Governance & Family Firms

Smaller family-owned businesses are often operated with a degree of informality that is both natural and efficient and neglecting formal governance procedures. Read More

How To Professionalise A Family Firm

There comes a stage in the life-cycle of a family business when it has to become more formalised, referred to as a process of professionalisation, and is usually seen to involve the appointment of non-family managers. Read More

A Quick Heads Up On Constitutions

As the number of stakeholders increases, so does the complexity of the family business. A family constitution is a way of managing that complexity. Here are a few reasons you should consider developing yours in 2016  Read More

The Why, When & How Of A Family Constitution

A lot of multi-generational family businesses struggle to get buy-in from everyone. A family constitution can help secure, and maintain, commitment towards a unified goal. Read More