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Introduction To State And Workplace Pensions

Date: 4th April 2018 Price: £120

This course is suitable for HR, payroll and finance managers and also agents supporting payroll and HR functions who want to develop a broader knowledge of pensions in order to advise employees and clients.


Increased longevity and a savings shortfall thanks to the economic situation have needed successive governments to tackle the pensions time bomb that increasingly faces a significant proportion of the population.

Radical legislative change has taken place recently affecting the choices open to individuals throughout their working life and into retirement. With the roll out of auto-enrolment, every employer in the country now has a role to play in pension provision as well as the state.

In order to ensure your investment in those workplace pensions is appreciated and to fulfil your responsibilities to employees you need to ensure you understand the choices that are open to your employees as they make key financial decisions.

This demands a working knowledge of the state and workplace pension landscape over the last 30 years and ahead into the future with the new freedoms available since April 2015.

This course is designed as an overview so is not intended to provide in-depth coverage. Delegates who need an introduction to auto-enrolment should book on our half day course devoted to this topic, agents who will be delivering auto-enrolment to clients via their payroll service should book our one day advanced auto-enrolment and state pensions course.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • A brief history of pensions
  • An overview of workplace pensions & definitions
  • The State Pension system
  • Single tier from 2016
  • Deferral
  • Buying more provision through National insurance
  • Where are we now: different pension types
  • DC, DB, CARE, master trusts, CDC
  • Contracting-out
  • Pension tax relief
  • Net pay arrangement
  • Relief at source
  • Lifetime and annual allowance
  • Money purchase annual allowance
  • What have we learned from auto-enrolment?
  • 2015 auto-enrolment changes and the challenge of re-enrolment
  • Current issues
  • Pensions liberation fraud
  • Scheme data
  • Financial education
  • What do we know about the future?
  • 2015 pensions freedoms
  • Scheme design and governance: what does 'good value' mean to employers?
  • Pot follow member
  • Auto-acceleration
  • HR and payroll learning points

Prices vary depending on the package taken out and the number of delegates booked. 

To find out more about the programme, costs and to register for this third party event visit the MBL Seminars website here

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