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Twitter Chat - Onboarding The Next Gen

Date: 27th April 2018 Price: £0

Join us for our next interactive twitter chat on successfully onboarding the next generation as leaders and owners of the family business with Mairi Mickel.

Mairi Mickel is joining us as guest on the next #FamilyBizChat on twitter where we will be discussing the challenges around the next generation as they seek to become the next generation of leaders and responsible family business owners.

Friday April 27

2.00pm (UK GMT)

Key questions that are going to be addressed include:

  • How do the next gen best identify their personal life aspirations with regards their family business?
  • What role can non-executive directors and trusted advisers play?
  • What should the next gen really be considering?
  • What skills do the next generation need to be orientated to responsible ownership?
  • Whose job is it to define what responsible ownership looks like?
  • What skills are typically missing in the next generation of emerging leaders?
  • What support can be provided?

These questions and more will be the 'talking point' of our next debate so please do join us for another interactive session.

Register for free here and we will send out a reminder 48 hours before the event and remember to tweet on the day using the hashtag #FamilyBizChat in all of your posts so we can share them and engage with you too and copy @FamilyBizPaul


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