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Bringing the family business community together

Advising The Family Business Manchester

Date: 5th February 2018 Price: £240

Advising a family business can be unique. This course is aimed at professional advisers and is run by MBL Seminars.


Not only do you have to consider the usual business issues but there are often special considerations and 'family' issues to factor in. This full day workshop will examine the key considerations when advising a family business using case studies to examine the issues. It will be run in a workshop environment allowing experienced professionals to share their own experiences, the challenges faced and the solutions available.

What You Will Learn

The workshop will address the following:

  • Why family businesses are different
  • How to approach the issues involved
  • Managing the ownership and management succession process
  • How to assess who may be best to provide management succession
  • How to manage and control personal conflicts
  • The role and potential contents of the shareholders agreement
  • The role and authority of a family council
  • The role of a family forum
  • Identification of a valuation criteria for valuing the family business
  • The creation of an internal market for shares
  • The establishment of a dividend policy
  • The role of external wealth and in particular pensions in aiding the succession process
  • What may be fundable by way of extracting wealth and providing security to earlier generations
  • Mitigation of inheritance tax
  • Consideration of CGT issues that may apply in any reorganisation
  • The scope to use differing classes of shares and option arrangements
  • The role of trusts and will planning
  • The role of the external adviser - The do's and don'ts

This course is limited to 25 delegates.  Prices vary depending on the package taken out and the number of delegates booked. 

To find out more about the programme, costs and to register for this third party event visit the MBL Seminars website here

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