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Bringing the family business community together

Midlands Family Business Day 2020

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Join us in celebrating the contribution of family firms across the Midlands in a day of social media activity and PR related activities.

Family Business United founder and champion of the family business sector, Paul Andrews, is delighted to announce Leicestershire Family Business Day 2020 which is taking place on June 25, 2020.

Family firms across the Midlands are being asked to join the campaign to celebrate all that is great about the family business sector, something that is at the heart of what Family Business United is all about.

As Paul explains, “There are over 5 million family firms across the UK, with a significant number in the Midlands and not only do they employ significant numbers of people, generate significant tax revenues and support local communities, they are the backbone of the UK economy. All too often the endeavours of the family business sector are dismissed in favour of their non-family counterparts and the aim of Midlands Family Business Day is to champion the sector, put family firms on the map and help to dispel the myths surrounding the family business sector.”

Family businesses the length and breadth of the county are taking part, sharing their pride and demonstrating their family ownership via a social media campaign using the hashtag #MidlandsFamilyBizDay and posting banners/pictures on social media stating their ‘pride in being one of the family firms in Leicestershire today.'

As Paul concludes, “We have created a day for all family firms in the region to be proud of and by providing them with the resources needed to get involved are looking forward to a day of celebration that will undoubtedly put family firms on the map.”

“Family businesses in the Midlands deserve all the support and recognition they get and we are proud to be championing this initiative to celebrate the contribution they make."

A participants marketing and media pack will be prepared and distributed in due course for family businesses and advisory firms who support the family business sector to get involved in the campaign including a press release, banners, twitter schedule and other ways to get involved.

Register to receive your pack and updates on how to get involved nearer the time. Whilst the pack is available free of charge to family firms, firms are requested to support our endeavours to champion the family business sector by making an opitional donation to the cause.

Register for your marketing pack here

As part of the day we are also hosting a Family Business Insight event in Leicester.  Tickets are limited but you can find out more and book your ticket to join us here

For more information about the campaign and how you can get involved in 2020 please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Remember the hashtag #MidlandsFamilyBizDay

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