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Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs Ltd

Business Address: Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs Ltd, Village Farm, Catton, Nr Thirsk, North Yorkshire. YO7 4SQ

Country: England,

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About Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs Ltd

Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs is a family business that has been producing the finest quality free range and organic eggs for over 30 years. 

We have always had a passion for taste, freshness and welfare and that still holds true today. We are proud of our policy of only ever handling free range eggs, which means all of our hens are free to roam outside in woodlands and on fresh pasture.

Our family's history with poultry dates back to the 1920's when granddad George Potter would often win top prize with his Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex hens in the National Laying Trials. Today, our two farms set in the idyllic surroundings of the Vale of York, provide some of the most up to date production and packing facilities in the country.

This is a far cry from when mum (Susan Potter) first decided to buy 200 hens in order to have a supply of fresh tasting free range eggs, but we have stuck to our philosophy of only ever handling genuine free range eggs. This is what we mean when we say our whole operation is 'dedicated' free range and there are not many others who can claim to be in the same league as us in this respect.

Today, all of our hens are kept under the RSPCA Freedom Foods and BEIC Lion Quality farm assurance and food labelling schemes. These standards are underpinned by our own unique on-farm standards for quality control, hygiene, traceability and bird welfare. This ensures that not only are our eggs produced to the very highest standards, but also the welfare conditions of the hens are far higher than is required by law.

We have long believed that trees play an important role in creating a natural environment for the hens, encouraging them to roam and express their natural behaviour. We believe it's this additional natural outdoor diet that determines the flavour of the eggs and why we think our eggs taste so good. It is for this reason we have planted 1000's of trees on our farms, which means tasty eggs, happy hens and it's great for the environment too.

In 2010, we completed work on our new state of the art on-farm Pack house were all of our eggs are graded, packed and then delivered using our own fleet of temperature controlled vehicles. The Pack House is certified to the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Food Safety, which ensures the highest possible standards of quality control and hygiene.

As a company we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. All of our eggs are sourced from our own farms within a 20 mile radius of the Pack house, not only making our eggs fresher, but also reducing the number of food miles they have travelled. In 2013, we installed a 250 kwh Solar System, providing approx. 50% of our total enery requirements. We make every possible effort to use local Suppliers for all our packaging requirements and only use Recyclable materials where possible. All in all, this make ours some of the 'greenest' eggs you can find!

Last, but not least we recognise that our business does not exist in isolation and therefore take our Corporate and Social Responsibilities very serious. Our philosophy is simple, 'treat people the way we would like to be treated' and always aim 'to do the right thing'. Whether this means creating a great place to work or developing positive and mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers and suppliers. 

In the wider Community we routinely host school and Agricultural visits to the farm, and work closely with bodies within the industry to drive quality and welfare improvements for the benefit of the whole industry. 

In 2012, we established a partnership with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, an independent charity providing life saving rapid response emergency service to 5 million people across Yorkshire. To keep providing this life saving service the charity needs to raise £9990 per day to keep both of Yorkshire's Air Ambulances maintained and in the air. We have committed to donating 1p per dozen to this vital charity and hope to reach our target of £20k in the first year!