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Business Address: Wiltshires, Walls Hill Quarry, Torquay, Devon TQ1 3TA.

Country: England,

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About Wiltshires

Wiltshire's of Babbacombe is an independent, family-owned and operated company, which has been supplying the building industry and home improvement sector for four generations since 1916.

Wiltshire’s of Babbacombe is a fourth generation family owned and operated business which started in the early nineteen hundreds by Leonard Wiltshire, the Great Grandfather of the current generation leading the business, quarrying limestone for the construction of houses in the local Torbay area.

In 1926 Leonard Wiltshire passed away and Great Grandmother Eliza Wiltshire took the helm of the business.  They started manufacturing concrete blocks from a mixture of gravel, dust and cement which were placed in wooden boxes to cure. Paving slabs and a range of pre-cast concrete products also started to be manufactured from the quarried limestone. During 1930 the Grandfather of the current generation took over running the business from his Mother Eliza Wiltshire which is when E Wiltshire & Son was born.

He started to introduce new production methods and modern machines to help improve the manufacture and quality of our products. After the Second World War the demand for the building material was at an all time high. With the introduction of a ready mixed concrete plant it reinforced the company as the main supplier of building materials in the area. In the 1960’s my father Andrew Wiltshire joined the business, with the demand for concrete blocks constantly outstripping supply they started to haul materials in to boost our manufacturing capacity. The production and delivery of concrete blocks grew to over 3 million a year.

Today we still manufacture and deliver concrete blocks and ready mixed concrete. We have added many new lines to our range aimed at local builders, landscapers and the home improvement sector.