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Vickers Oils

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About Vickers Oils

Vickers Oils can trace its history back to 1828 and to this day remains a private, independent company, which is still led by the fifth generation of the establishing family. We enjoy a worldwide reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier of high performance, speciality textile oils, which are supported by our dedicated customer service team, offering our customers ‘one to one’ technical support. Vickers has continued to operate as an independent private company serving the textile industry.

Textiles comprised one of the main industries in mid-nineteenth century Leeds. Since Benjamin Threlfall Vickers went to America in 1882, selling wool grease, Vickers has been an exporting company. Although our export market, in the first half of the twentieth century, was mainly comprised of North Western Europe, from 1948 Vickers made a deliberate effort to enter the global business arena. As a result we are known and our products are sold on every continent. (We still sell wool processing oils to America, so that first journey was not a wasted one!).

In 1906 the third generation, William Farrar Vickers, entered his father’s business. He first worked in a Leeds clothing factory, whose owners sent him for a year to work in the Berlin factory where their cloth was manufactured. Farrar’s invaluable knowledge of textiles benefited the company in manufacturing textile oil. This coincided with the introduction of one of Vickers’ legendary textile oils, HWO (Heavy Wool Oil), a brand which still exists today.

Farrar assimilated the copious technical notes of his father, which eventually led to the creation of our Technical Service Department, backed with the laboratory expertise. This swiftly led to new textile oils being formulated and put into use, in cooperation with the research departments of various universities. Vickers introduced the technical breakthrough of ‘emulsion oiling’ wool, which is now commonplace, this gave great improvements for the wool processors.

Since the 1920s our business has been rapidly growing. From the outset Vickers Oils have enjoyed a leading position as an independent manufacturer of quality lubricants. Today our business embraces 60 countries across the continents.

All our oils are still manufactured in the U.K. in strict accordance with our Quality Control systems which ensure that each batch is made to the highest possible standard. Our oils are proven to increase machine productivity and minimise faulty fabrics, therefore reducing costs.