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Healthy, fun and just a little cheeky. Find your perfect match with our naturally colourful condiments. Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free. Suitable for Vegans.

Healthy, fun and just a little cheeky. Find your perfect match with our naturally colourful condiments. Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free. Suitable for Vegans.

We would love to take credit for being the masterminds behind these colourful creations but in all truth they have been handed down to us by our very special Granny Tigg! As it turns out our Granny went on quite an adventure to meet Grandpa and boy are we glad she did! If she hadn’t, not only would you all not have these taste sensations – but we wouldn’t exist!

Below is a little synopsis of what Granny got up to. If you fancy an even more detailed version then pop over to Granny’s, pour her a small whisky, then sit back and take it all in – Good ol’ Gran!

In 1948, at the tender age of 16, a pretty Kiwi girl by the name of Anne Webb entered the competition of Miss Aotearoa (pronounced Au-tee-a-row-a) – the Maori name for New Zealand. Anne was encouraged to put her name in the running by her father and as you might have guessed – she won!  The journey of Granny Tigg and her dressings had begun!

Anne had always had the wish to travel to England, and in the days when world travel was rare, especially amongst young girls, she took the leap, she says “fuelled by the confidence of her earlier triumph”. In 1954 after six weeks at sea, she arrived at Tilbury Docks with the world at her feet. During her lengthy voyage Anne had been told that on her arrival, if she were to turn left and follow all her fellow Kiwis into London, she would be back home again within six months; but if she turned right and ventured into the countryside, England would work its magic and she would find herself a life.  Luckily for us all, she turned right!

Anne soon found her way to Herefordshire where she worked as an English teacher at a local school in Bredenbury (where in a complete coincidence Jacob & Sam later went to school – but thats a story for another time!). Through English friends she had met, Anne was introduced to her future husband Alan Henn. After a whirlwind romance, they were married in 1956 and moved to Wolverhampton with three children quickly following. Meals were always served at the table with a wide variety of colours and flavours influenced by Anne’s Kiwi roots. It soon became clear that it was not only confidence that Anne had brought with her from New Zealand, but some tasty recipes too!  Now a young mother, she introduced her family to a dressing that was full of memories from her childhood, 12,000 miles away.  Unlike others that she believed greatly lacked in “zing”, Anne experimented with ingredients to create fun, fresh and vibrantly coloured dressings.

Over the years Anne’s children grew accustomed to these colourful creations that seemed ever-present on their lettuce leaves and summer salads. They were soon staples of their diets. Though Anne’s children all grew up and went on to build their own lives, these dressings were still a part of their memory – though the secrets remained exclusive to her – until the year 2000. It was then when Alexandra, Anne’s eldest child, telephoned her mother.

Alexandra, now residing in Herefordshire, with her very own three children – Sam, Phoebe and Jacob -, had opened a café at Broadfield Court Vineyard Estate. She wanted something to accompany the wide range of vegetables and other produce growing in her garden and looked back fondly on that Amazing Original Dressing that she knew so well as a child.  Alex made the call and after a trip down memory lane, she was left with a list of sacred ingredients that when put together created this nostalgic dressing overflowing with that all-familiar “zing”.

The sauce immediately became popular with customers asking what the infusion of flavours was on their salad, and it very quickly became apparent that a name was needed. Again Alexandra looked back to her childhood and remembered that the name for her mummy at home was “Tigg”. In those days there was a TV programme called “Pogles Wood” which Alex and her siblings, Joanna and John, delighted in watching all together. In it was a “cuddly, soft and squashy” rabbit called Tog. Tog became Tigg as the name was bestowed onto their mother.

After more nearly 15 years of being sold in Alexandra’s café, the dressing remains unchanged but it is in no way limited to salads. It is the perfect accessory to any meat, fish and vegetarian dish, as a sandwich sauce or indeed just about anything as Jacob & Sam now testify! “Tigg’s Naturally Colouful Dressings” have until now been hidden in an idyllic part of Herefordshire, but the time has come for the Webb, Henn and most recently the James family, to share their secret.