SUN 8TH DEC 2019


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Three Little Pigs

Business Address: Three Little Pigs, Kiplingcotes Farm Ltd, Dalton Holme, Beverley HU17 7PY

Country: England,

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About Three Little Pigs

Our products are made from rare breed pigs that roam freely on our farm (or another farm we like a lot) in the Yorkshire countryside.  It is this rare breed pork that gives our products a distinctive flavour.

We started our rare breed herd of Berkshire pigs with our first pig, which we received as a wedding present. This kind of tells you how much we love what we do!

After tasting the delicious meat we decided to go down to the market and buy three little pigs. A new chapter in the Clarkson farming legacy was started, and we haven’t looked back since.

We believe a happy pig makes for better tasting meat. We’re completely devoted to rearing our rare breed pigs in the best way possible and insist that all our rare breed pork from other farms is raised in the same way.  

All the charcuterie pigs have felt their snouts in the earth and the sun on their backs enjoying the most natural free range lifestyle possible. Ours are so posh they drink mineral water from our well!