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The Irish Linen Company

Business Address: Irish Linen Company, Stratton Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 1HR

Country: England,

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About The Irish Linen Company

Specialists in the sourcing and selling of the finest Irish linens.

Holder of the coveted Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen, the Irish Linen Company was situated in London's historic Burlington Arcade from 1953 - the Coronation year - until December 2006. It now has an office outside of London where it continues to supply its illustrious clients.

The Irish Linen Company has been a magnet for the naturally discerning for over one hundred and twenty-five years. Established in 1875 in the Midlands by the current owner's grandfather, then as now, the Company specialised in the sourcing and selling of the finest Irish Linens. During the 1930's the Irish Linen Company branched out into London's Bond Street, but faced with fierce opposition and a closing of ranks between the competition, ceased trading within six months. Undeterred the Irish Linen Company concentrated on developing its Midlands' operation, reopening in its landmark location of Burlington Arcade, Mayfair in 1953. Today over fifty years later, the Irish Linen Company remains the last family-owned firm of its kind in the world, and is now run by the tradition continued by Prue, wife of the third generation to run the business.

Rooted in supreme craftsmanship, the Irish Linen Company's reputation centres on selling the finest linens on the market - its collection includes Jacquard weaves, delicate hand-embroideries and plain weaves which are stunning in their quiet simplicity.

The Irish Linen Company also produces unique pieces: when Queen Margareta of Denmark celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of her accession to the throne the whole palace was refurbished with linen from the Company. Tablecloths for official dinners in royal palaces are also commissioned - often the length of thirteen metres (over 40 feet)!

Not all clients have grand soirees in mind. The Company stocks the widest range of handkerchiefs in the whole of Europe.

Skin-friendly, anti-static, non-allergic and amazingly, the only natural fabric stronger wet than dry, Irish linen remains a complete original which has transcended the centuries. "It is unique" says Prue Addleman, who continues her husband's third generation tradition. "It is fresh, cool, very comfortable next to the skin and lasts a lot longer than other fabrics. Depending on the temperature, it will also absorb moisture and retain body heat."

An irresistible blend of superb quality aligned to contemporary thinking the Irish Linen Company is a living monument to the longevity and covetability of fine linen.