SUN 15TH DEC 2019


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The Cavan Bakery Ltd

Business Address: The Cavan Bakery Ltd., 139 Molesey Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 2RY

Country: England,

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About The Cavan Bakery Ltd

We've been passionate about baking our fresh bread, cakes and pastries since 1929.

The business now run by the third generation of the Cavan family, we are just as dedicated to providing our customers with great tasting food and excellent customer service. Our heritage of tradition, good quality ingredients and baking skill is as important today as it was to our founder, David Cavan, and whether it’s an original recipe jam doughnut or a more recent addition to our range like our Billionaires Shortbread, we want it to be the best it can be.

Every night we rely on the skills and handcraft of our bakers, together with our age old traditional recipes and our long fermentation process, to produce our wonderful range of fresh bread, cakes and pastries.

At Cavan Bakery we bake mouthwatering crusty bread, cakes and pastries. Our dedicated team of craft bakers work through the night to ensure our shops are filled with delicious, fresh products every morning.

We believe it is the combination of great ingredients and our traditional recipes, together with our heritage, passion and commitment that gives our products their unique texture, appearance and flavour.

We also deliver daily to Farm Shops, restaurants and cafés throughout London and Surrey and continue with our belief in quality and taste – paramount to all our customers.

Our mission is to keep the Cavan Bakery alive on the High Street . We want everyone to come and enjoy delicious products at affordable prices and we have no intention of changing this as we continue to grow.