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Stephenson Group

Business Address: Stephenson Group, Brookfoot House, Low Ln, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5PU

Country: England,

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About Stephenson Group

Stephenson Group are fast becoming a world leader in speciality chemicals.

Stephenson Group is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of speciality ingredients. Supported by years of technical expertise, we combine innovation with a flexible approach to deliver tailor made, cost effective, solutions for various specific applications.

tephenson Group was formed in Bradford, Yorkshire, England in 1856 originally manufacturing soap based agents for the processing of wool, along with Furniture Wax and Polish products (Stephenson Furniture Polish)

Up till the late 1960s Bradford was the hub for wool processing, however as the industry declined in the UK demand shifted outside of the UK and Stephenson Group diversified in order to develop and explore new chemistry and innovation.

It was this diversification that saw Stephenson Group become one of the world leaders in Chemical supply for the Paper recycling industry, it was at this time products were also developed for Rubber processing specifically for the tyre industry, a sector in which Stephenson Group is now a key global supplier.

The amalgamation of Thos. Bentley & Son with Stephenson Bros and the subsequent acquisition of J.C. Thompson Ltd formed the foundation of the current Stephenson Group and the manufacturing operations were re-located to Horsforth, Leeds and since 2007 the company is solely located on this site.

It was in the late 1990s that saw Stephenson Group transform with the introduction of Personal Care products specifically Vegetable Soap Bases. This brought a new dimension to the company and now forms a key part of the group’s operations.

Stephenson Group has established itself as one of the world’s leading speciality soap base manufacturers and continues to meet the demands of high profile customers worldwide.

The Stephenson Group Ltd is owned by Thos. Bentley & Son Ltd, and led by CEO Jamie Bentley – now the fifth generation of the family to be involved with the company.