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Business Address: RPS Ltd, Low Lane, Maltby, Middlesbrough, TS8 0BW

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About RPS Ltd

RPS supplies industrial packaging including wooden pallets, FIBCs, drums and IBCs. What is unique about RPS is we can collect the empty packaging from your customers and return to you for reuse or recycle.

RPS was formed in 2002 after it was discovered there was a needed for a reliable packaging recovery company to collect industrial transit packaging, including wooden pallets, for the purpose of reuse.

From 2002 onwards RPS has worked with many national and international clients, including Cummins, Huntsman Tioxide and Ineos Compounds. The RPS services have encouraged pallet reuse and recycling, big bag cleaning and site collections to promote environmental solutions for packaging waste.

All of the services provided by RPS provide the basis of proactive and environmentally responsible actions all businesses should be taking part in to encourage sustainability.

For over 12 years, RPS has been putting into practice what UK Government legislation has only relatively recently made compulsory; reuse over recycling.

The home of RPS, situated at Maltby near Middlesbrough, is the centre of all of our operations including the effective sorting, inspecting and recycling of packaging, predominantly wooden pallets.

RPS primarily supplies industrial packaging including wooden pallets, FIBC big bags, drums and IBCs. What is unique about RPS is we can collect the empty packaging from your customers and return them to you for reuse or responsibly recycle.

The concept of packaging reuse and recycling has two key benefits. It can deliver substantial cost savings on your industrial packaging and reusing an existing packaging item reduces your carbon footprint. Also, reuse comes above recycling and energy recovery in the EU Waste Framework Directive so encourages sustainability.

The EU Waste Framework Directive prioritises the way in which wastes should be handled. The concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery and Disposal is at the core of the Waste Framework Directive. It forms the Waste Hierarchy which can be put into practise across all business areas.

With a fully qualified team and an extensive logistics network, RPS has the expertise to co-ordinate the collection of your industrial packaging in order for it to be reused several times, promoting sustainability through measurable costs savings and environmental benefits.

By collecting your industrial packaging RPS can prepare each item for reuse through a simple process, expertly implemented. RPS then supply the packaging back to you ready to reuse. It takes the time and effort away from your business so you can concentrate on more important core activities. Let RPS save you time, money and the environment.