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RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group)

Business Address: RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group), North Riverside Industrial Park, Riverside Road, Selkirk, United Kingdom TD7 5DU

Country: Scotland,

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About RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group)

RP Adam Ltd (Arpal group) is one of Scotland’s most successful fourth-generation family businesses, which in this year celebrates 125 years as manufacturers of a wide range of cleaning and disinfection products, which now has a significant international market presence.

Founded in 1891 we still remains independently owned, and continues to prosper in the manufacture of cleaning and disinfection products in the business to business sphere. The company deals primarily through a national and regional distributor network, which in turn supplies end user businesses.

Highly respected by end users and distributor partners for both the quality of our products and our ongoing commitment to being the outstanding provider of service in the industry, we serve the following core market sectors:

  • Restaurants & Catering
  • Bars & Beverages
  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Residential Health Care
  • Outsourcing & Contractors
  • Public Sector
  • Foodservice & Janitorial Distributor

The company is registered to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 for quality and environmental management standards. The technical department also constantly reviews our processes and keeps us abreast of changes in European legislation governing the chemicals industry.

This “behind the scenes” work provides our customers with supply chain security and ensures that the products and systems we provide are bona fide and are legally compliant. With a can do attitude and a passion for how our “Blue Box” chemical products perform across all our core market sectors, we put pressure on our technical department to create high quality formulations to suit the high traffic business cleaning sector – and they don’t let us down.


RP Adam Ltd (Arpal Group) is much more than a company simply manufacturing chemical products. Our primary aim is to be seen as the outstanding provider of service in our industry by being within reach of our customers and distributors at all times, irrespective of their size, location and market sector. Recent innovations in digital communications, between our field sales and service team, head office and clients, have set us apart from the crowd in terms of productive and auditable customer service.

For those who have not experienced dealing with the company we are a highly competent and credible manufacturing company, capable of handling any size of cleaning contract. With a service artery running through the body of the business – our longstanding blue chip client list demonstrates that our credentials and capabilities are valued. As the numbers of cleaning chemical manufacturers has diminished over the last two decades, there is still a viable alternative in choosing RP Adam (Arpal Group) as opposed to the global players.

When choosing to use our commercial grade cleaning chemicals customers know they are dealing with a reputable cleaning chemical supplier and have the comfort of knowing that the products are fit for purpose, are manufactured responsibly and comply with the law. Customer safety is our primary concern.


Quite simply we are here to make a difference. Our function is to provide the best value to our customers in terms of products, service and costs – with the added benefit of an experienced and friendly customer service team.