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Peacock Salt

Business Address: Peacock Salt, North Harbour, Ayr KA8 8AE

Country: Scotland,

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About Peacock Salt

Specialists in Bulk Supplies of Vacuum, Rock & Sea Salt.

All of us at Peacock Salt are proud of our UK heritage. The company was founded in 1874 by John Craig Peacock who started out as a shipping agent in the heart of bustling Glasgow. By 1882 his own ships were plying the routes between Europe and North and South America, shipping coal to Brazil. Bringing back hides and horns; carrying salt from Spain to Newfoundland for fish curing, and on the homeward journey loading up with timber and fish packed in ice.

Our company logo today depicts the last sailing ship built by Peacock in 1885, launched by his daughter Edith Mary Peacock and named after her.

Today we operate from large modern warehouses serving the food salt industry, we have quayside facilities for discharging ships of salt, on-site packing facilities, bespoke mixing and we have access to strategic bulk salt stores around the UK.

We have an unsurpassed knowledge of winter salt spreader technology for seasonal maintenance from road salt gritters to hand spreaders including all the latest GPS technology so important for monitoring of highway de-icing.

No matter what type of salt you need, whatever the application, Peacock Salt are here to help you get the best from our products.