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Passionate About Fish Ltd

Business Address: Passionate About Fish Ltd, 61 Woodlands Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3ND

Country: England,

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About Passionate About Fish Ltd

Supporting the fish industry in whatever capacity we can...

Passionate About Fish Ltd was set up in 2005 by Duncan and Sue Lucas and is their part time 'hobby'. It was created to allow us to support the fish industry in whatever capacity we can. We are invited to attend many events in the UK and abroad, creating beautiful displays using locally caught fish, and giving fish preparation demonstrations, as well as encouraging people to try more of the diverse species caught around our coast. We have supported many of the major UK Seafood Festivals since they started, and feel very privileged to be part of these community celebrations.

We also run several workshops around the UK, teaching adults and children about fish; how to handle, prepare and cook it simply. We try to demystify seafood, and show just how easy it is to make the most of the wonderful fish available to us.

One of our main priorities is to raise awareness of The Fishermen's Mission and help to raise funds for this very worthwhile cause. Without our fishermen, there would be no fish, so we are determined to do as much as we can for the fishing communities