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Paintshield Ltd

Business Address: Paintshield Ltd, 4, Morley Court, Morley Way, Woodston Industry, Peterborough. PE2 7BW

Country: England,

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About Paintshield Ltd

Paintshield Ltd are the premier independent suppliers of Paint Protection and Painted Film products to the European marketplace. 

Paintshield Ltd are the premier independent suppliers of Paint Protection and Painted Film products to the European marketplace. Our centre of operations is based in Peterborough, where we are well placed for the shipping of products and the provision of support services to our clients. We offer our own four year warranty on the kits we supply which makes this warranty is highly regarded and after six years is still we believe unique in the UK and probably in Europe.

As suppliers and installers of film products to many of the household names in the automotive market place, we have fitted our products to thousands of car in the last six years. The retail value of the cars we have been involved with runs into hundreds of millions of pounds. All with not ONE outstanding customer issue in the six years of our operations. The maxim we apply is one of “no car leaves our premises that I would not be proud to drive” (Tom Wakeford Managing Director). This ethos provides us with one of the highest levels of repeat business in our industry anywhere in Europe.

Price Match - Paintshield will match any written genuine like for like quotation which is based on and provides the same coverage, material size, quality and warranty terms.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and have successfully met and exceeded the expectations of what we believe to be the most demanding clients anywhere.

We have fully tested the fitting of these products to vehicles which have been re-sprayed or had smart repairs and well understand the implications of supplying this concept to cars already on the road. Whilst supplying the new vehicle market is important to us, we see no reason, why the consumer with a two year old car should be denied access to this concept, purely because the potential interaction of the fitting chemicals with the common smart repair products is not fully accounted for.

We make no pretext of being (or wishing to be), the cheapest in our industry, we are put simply, the best quality you can buy and therefore we believe offer the best overall value for money package anywhere. Due to our high levels of repeat business we know our customers feel similarly. No one brings 7 or 8 cars to you if you do not meet and exceed both quality and value for money expectations.

Through our joint venture Partners we operate in many corners of the world with local Paintshield ™ operations that deliver the same exhaustive and exceptional standards on the international stage.

We recently relocated our head office to Peterborough to allow us to meet the increasing demand for our products and services and have now more than doubled our capability. Whether you are a retail customer or in the Automotive trade our customers peace of mind and satisfaction with our work are the only criteria we apply to every install we undertake.