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The Orange Square Company

Business Address: Peregrine House, 2nd & 3rd Floors, 26-28 Paradise Road, Richmond-Upon-Thames, TW9 1SE

Country: England,

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About The Orange Square Company

The Orange Square Company are distributors of niche and premium selective fragrances and perfume in the UK, as well as manufacturing and distribution of the essential oil, Olverum.

The Orange Square Company was founded in 1991 by the owners of the celebrated London fragrance specialist boutique “Les Senteurs”. Orange Square was designed to provide a wider distribution for some of the rare & exclusive perfume houses whose products Les Senteurs imported. In 1992, Orange Square began to work with a highly specialised Parisian perfumer by the name of Olivier Creed. Over the next 20 years Orange Square nurtured and developed CREED into becoming the best selling niche fragrance brand in the UK.

The Orange Square Company has gradually added a most discerning and exciting range of luxury niche brands to its portfolio. Each brand is distinguished by a special attribute - be it a concept, an intriguing history or a remarkable heritage. Each brand is noted for the quality and creativity of the product. Every perfume house represented by Orange Square is set apart from the majority of fragrance brands by its exacting standards and impeccable taste.

The Orange Square Company is now established as the number one distributor of artistic luxury fragrance brands in the UK. Orange Square continues to be a family-owned business dedicated to nurturing and developing highest quality traditional and contemporary fragrance brands through selective distribution channels.