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Newby Teas (U.K.) Ltd

Business Address: Newby Teas (U.K.) Ltd, 105 St. John Street, London EC1M 4AS

Country: England,

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About Newby Teas (U.K.) Ltd

Fine teas and fruit tisanes, with award-winning English Breakfast, Earl Grey & Assam. Elegant tea gifts. Home of Newby Silken Pyramids & Gourmet Collection.

Tea is Newby’s passion, art, science, history, legacy, life.

For thousands of years of human history, tea enjoyed a position of culture, grandeur and glory. But with the industrialisation of the trade in the 20th century, there was a loss of much of tea’s rich culture as big brands compromised quality for quantity.

To reintroduce quality teas to the market and revive the grandeur of tea culture, Newby was founded at the turn of the millennium in London. Our mission is to source, blend, preserve and serve the world’s finest teas. We guarantee the integrity, quality and character of the tea from the moment the leaves are plucked to the moment they reach the cup.

Selecting the best leaves from prime harvest seasons, our dedicated tea tasters create exquisite blends by trialling thousands of cups throughout the tea-buying season. We then preserve the quality of these bespoke blends at our state-of-the-art centre in the heart of the world’s finest tea-growing regions. Each of our teas is sealed in triple layer alu-foil to preserve their freshness, unique character and transcendent taste.

This dedication to quality does not go unrecognised, and Newby’s teas have won numerous awards. With offices around the world, Newby’s award-winning teas are served with pride in fine establishments, from five-star hotels to Michelin-starred restaurants and esteemed cultural institutions.

As well as preserving the tea itself, we have made it our mission to preserve the rich and diverse culture of tea by curating a collection of rare and antique teaware. The celebrated Chitra Collection chronicles tea’s evolution from Song Dynasty tea bowls and elaborate Satsuma teapots to decadent Victorian tea sets and bespoke luxury pieces designed for the 21st century.

With our mission to source, blend, preserve and serve the world’s finest teas and our dedication to revive tea’s vivid and elaborate history, we aspire to effect a rediscovery of the world of tea for the twenty-first century. With Newby, you will explore uncharted territories of taste and experience a rich, transcendent experience in every perfect cup.