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Muntons plc

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About Muntons plc

Traders in malt and grain since the 19th century.

The Baker- Munton family had been trading in malt and grain in London since the 19th century and, shortly after the end of the First World War, in 1921, Muntona Ltd was established to meet the demand for malt extract from both the brewing and food industries.

Company founder Munton Baker-Munton recognised the need to manufacture malt extract in England as it was this idea that led him to the Phoenix Brewery in Bedford owned by Charles Wells Ltd.

Muntona Ltd in Bedford grew steadily and in 1934 acquired Edward Fison Ltd in Ipswich. This enabled malt for extract manufacture to be produced in-house and establish the company’s first supply of malt with the British brewing industry. A new site in Stowmarket followed, replacing those at Bedford and Ipswich. Malt production at the renamed Munton & Fison Ltd exceeded internal requirements and so the sale of malt became a priority.

In the late 1950s malting facilities were expanded and moved closer to the Scottish whisky distillers. The site chosen was at Bridlington, East Yorkshire and in 1964 the 45,000 tonnes Flamborough Maltings opened.

Following Britain’s entry to the EU in the 1970s, the malting capacity soon became fully utilised and expansion was essential. Cedars Maltings, Stowmarket opened in 1978 to meet the demand and group production capacity was brought to 95,000 tonnes per annum. The 1980s saw a continuing modernisation and refurbishment programme and group capacity was increased to 110,000 tonnes per annum.

Expansion continued with a new modern maltings being built at Bridlington, in two phases, beginning in 1993. Phase 1 increased the group capacity to 120,000 tonnes per annum; the completion of phase 2 in 1997 brought capacity to 150,000 tonnes per annum.

Continued investment in malting plant improvements has brought the group capacity today to 175,000 tonnes.

Development of the malted ingredients business continued in parallel with the malting business, with significant investments being made. Over the last twenty years alone malt extract capacity has more than trebled to 35,000 tonnes, a new malt flaking plant has been installed; vaccum band driers have been added to compliment our spray-drying capability.

Added to this the automation of the 25kg sack packing line for whole and crushed malts and the expansion of the milling and kibbling facilities, the installation of new, efficient varinox burners in both Cedars and Flamborough maltings. Additionally we established Muntons Malt Supply Chain Ltd to ensure quality and sustainability of malt supply from farm to factory, brings developments at Muntons up to date.

Today we supply food industry and brewing customers all over the world and are acknowledged as one of the leaders in our field.