MON 16TH DEC 2019


Bringing the family business community together

The Muller Swiss Bakery

Business Address: The Muller Swiss Bakery and Confectionery Shop, 40 Villette Road, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear SR2 8RN

Country: England,

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About The Muller Swiss Bakery

The Müller family produce a large selection of traditional hand-made cakes and breads, including Fresh Cream Cakes and various Gateaux. 

The Müller Swiss Bakery and Confectionery shop was first opened in 1959, in Sunderland. Experience and expertise is present throughout the family-run business with a Swiss Father, an Italian Mother, and two brothers with training from Switzerland. The current owners Father and Grandfather were both traditional bakers and confectioners based in Switzerland, and established strong values based on quality and time honoured practices. These values are still used today in our Bakery, and by each individual member of staff.

Originally one shop with a bakery (Situated in Villette Road), expansion has resulted in two more shops: One in Sunderland town centre, and one in Fulwell. However this expansion has not sacrificed the quality, or baking methods used within the bakeries. Quality is the most important factor with all of their goods.

Our cakes are made using our own recipes as opposed to pre-mixes that many modern bakers use.