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Mrs Unis Spicy Foods Ltd

Business Address: Mrs Unis Spicy Foods Ltd, Unit 2, Block 2 Kings Haugh, Peffermill Industrial Estate, Edinburgh EH16 5UY

Country: Scotland,

About Mrs Unis Spicy Foods Ltd

As Edinburgh's only manufacturer of authentic, speciality Indian foods, the Mrs Unis brand is a culinary treasure.

Mrs Unis Spicy Foods is recognised as being one of the most exciting and innovative companies in Scotland. The company produces the finest array of handmade snacks, nan breads and curries you are likely to find this side of Karachi. By carefully selecting only the finest herbs, spices, halal meats and vegetables, we ensure the highest quality and authenticity.

Mrs Unis has been cooking fine Asian cuisine for over 30 years, since she first arrived in Britain as a young bride from Pakistan in 1967. Passionate about keeping South Asian culture and traditions alive, Mrs Unis and her team aim to add spice to chill cabinets throughout Britain.

Based in Edinburgh, Mrs Unis Spicy Foods is the city's only producer of authentic speciality South Asian food products for the retail, catering and wholesale market.

All Mrs Unis Spicy Foods production and staff comply with all relevant EC and UK legislation related to food production. To give our customers peace of mind, the company also operates an internal programme that allows for full traceability of ingredients as part of HACCP and REHIS quality management systems.