SUN 15TH DEC 2019


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Business Address: McChrystal's, 26 Morris Road, Leicester LE2 6BR

Country: England,

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About McChrystal's

Established in 1926, the company is owned by the grandson of our founder and the formula for McChrystal’s snuff is a closely guarded family secret.

However, full mechanisation and computerisation ensure that we embrace the latest technologies in the daily running of the business.

We are a successful family business selling a very high quality product. From the initial enquiry through to the completed job, all orders are handled by someone who is very aware that our future is dependant on your satisfaction.

We aim to ensure our customers return time after time.

The Big Snuff Comeback

Sniffing snuff is an ancient art, the original way to take tobacco. For thousands of years, American Indians have known the secret pleasure of tobacco in its oldest form.

Some people think snuff went out with the English fops. But snuff has staying power. Millions of people - men and women in all walks of life across the world - still enjoy a pinch.

Let's be honest. Today, people don't like smokers. So the original way of enjoying tobacco is making a big comeback.

Today, Snuff is there to be sniffed. It's not to be sneezed at.