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Lindum Group

Business Address: Lindum Group Ltd, Station Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 3QX

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About Lindum Group

Construction is our primary source of business, with design and build an increasingly popular procurement method for clients, whether new build, refurbishment or maintenance projects.

John F. Chambers, a Civil Engineer, started Lindum Construction (Lindum is the Roman name for Lincoln) in 1956.  The first office was on Waterside North in Lincoln and began with a Secretary, Mrs Pauline Brown (who subsequently became Chairlady 32 yrs later), 3 tradesmen and a dog called Shep.

From the very beginning, the philosophy of the Company was set clearly towards practical skills and good relationships with clients and this continues to this day.

The business expanded from civil engineering, primarily for water companies and industrial customers, to building and large construction projects over the years, especially in the food mfg and retailing sectors, as well as education and social housing.  Today, Lindum directly employs around 450 people at any one time, has a turnover of £80m, with offices in Lincoln, Grimsby, Spalding, Peterborough and London.

Today, Lindum is chaired by the founder's youngest son, David and has 12 trading divisions, actively involved in construction, joint venture commercial property, housebuilding, plant, joinery and maintenance within East Anglia and the East Midlands.  Its success is demonstrated in its growing repeat business and its transparent approach to its client relations.  Profitability is reinvested in the company, so that the balance sheet is strong and better able to withstand fluctuations in the market, which means that our trading partners can have that added security in their dealings with us.

As the company has grown, so too has the philosophy of sharing the success of the company with ALL of its employees and, today, Lindum Group is one of only 46 companies 100% owned by its employees in the UK, which means that our employees are very well motivated and committed to going the extra mile to look after a customer's requirements and needs.

Construction is our primary source of business, with design and build an increasingly popular procurement method for clients, whether new build, refurbishment or maintenance projects.

We carry out our work differently to many other construction companies.  We tend to have more employees 'on the tools', which means that we have a more 'hands on' approach to what we do, can do maintenance as well as project work and the snags on jobs will be fixed more quickly. 

For larger jobs in particular, we are construction managers, carrying out jobs up to £20m anywhere in the UK, but especially north of the M25 up to North Yorkshire and we have particular strengths in food processing, housing association work and tight deadlines in the supermarket projects.

In our experience [Lindum was founded in 1956], in recessions as well as growth periods, clients need excellent value and a very good service at an appropriate quality.  We are able to do this by having a different approach to our staff and operatives, setting a code for the way in which and how we perform, whilst investing for the benefit of all employees and customers.

Over 55 years, we have developed 'in house' and 'support service' businesses, to be separately chosen by clients or as part of our main construction business - please see 'support services' below.

Upon completion of each project, our support does not stop there, but continues through our dedicated Customer Support Service.  This team of specialised and skilled craftsmen, deals with any matters that arise or need attention.  This approach underlies our quality commitment, as well as Lindum's desire to develop long term relationships.