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Leo Group Ltd

Business Address: Leo Group Ltd, Swalesmoor Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX3 6UF

Country: England,

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About Leo Group Ltd

Leo Group is one of the UK’s leading environmental companies, playing a major role in waste management and recycling. 

Leo Group is one of the UK's leading environmental companies, playing a major role in waste management and recycling.

We are also at the very heart of the British meat industry, specialising in the collection and processing of animal by-products into meals, oils and pet food ingredients, which we export around the world.

Started in the late 1970s, on a smallholding on the edge of Halifax, West Yorkshire, Leo Group now employs a workforce of more than 400 and manages operations across the UK and Ireland. More than 98% of our profits are reinvested back into the business, ensuring our plants are amongst the most technologically advanced and efficient in the world.

Established in 1970s, the Leo Group is a privately owned company with more than 400 employees across 10 operational sites throughout the UK.

In 1970 Margaret and Leo Sawrij founded Swalesmoor Mink Farm. They bought the 10 acre property in 1971 and began breeding mink and then maggots. They ultimately created the foundations for the variety of different trading roots Leo Group still operate today, as offal trading began from having a surplus of food bought for feeding to the maggots.

In 1988 the business came under new management from current managing director Danny Sawrij.

In 1993 the company was re-named Leo Sawrij Ltd, in memory of the founder. Following the abolishment of mink farming in the UK, the business focused on maggot trading to the fishing industry. Danny Sawrij sold 90% of his beef cattle stock, injecting the funds into the Maggot business. Leo Sawrij Ltd became the biggest producer of maggots supplying Belgium, Germany, Italy, France and Holland. 

In 1999 the company made its first acquisition of a rendering plant facility. This was the start of Omega Proteins Limited. Leo Group also acquired 2 knacker businesses, creating Robinson Mitchell Limited, and began the collection of fallen stock.

In 2001 the Group acquired Gothards.

In 2002 the Group purchased a sister rendering plant, with sites in Penrith, Dumfries and Aberdeen.

In 2004 the Group purchased NuPetra.

In 2005 the Group purchased Goodwill Fats & Proteins and Premier Pet Food.

In 2007 modern and more efficient facilities at Halifax Pet Food were constructed.

In 2008 the Group branched further North, securing ownership of Kintore rendering plant in Aberdeenshire. In the same year, a site was purchased from Oran. This final acquisition transformed Leo Group from a small family business into a highly successful, fully fledged organisation.

The company is both self-financing and self-sustaining. We have moved with the times, adjusting our core business to align with market forces, ensuring that we are a robust operator with a bright future.

The key to our success has been sound business acumen, together with a number of sound business acquisitions. We have a strategy of re-investment in new, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment, as well as the ability to identify and grasp emerging opportunities ahead of our competitors.