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Jones Dairy Farm

Business Address: Jones Dairy Farm, 800 Jones Avenue, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

Country: United States,

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About Jones Dairy Farm

Jones Family Farm is all about delivering natural, authentic, high-quality products that you and your family can feel good about.

When Milo Jones started our family business in 1889, he was inspired by his mother’s all-natural, homemade sausage recipe. It was so full of flavor and home-cooked goodness, he wanted to share it with his friends, both near and far.

Over the past 125 years, many developments have been made in food technology—developments that make production faster and cheaper. Yet in that time, we have resisted adding anything artificial to our sausage recipes. That’s not the way Milo would have wanted it, and it’s not the way we want it. For us, it’s important that we stay true to our roots. We still use that same simple recipe for our all-natural sausages. And we apply that same principle to our full range of products, including bacon, ham, Canadian bacon, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, braunschweiger and scrapple. 

Philip Jones, the sixth generation of the Jones family to lead our business, and everyone here at Jones Dairy Farm, are guided by the same simple philosophy that guided our company’s founder: To deliver natural, authentic, high-quality products that you and your family can feel good about. It’s a promise we’ve delivered on since 1889. It’s a promise we make—from our family to yours.

A history of firsts.

In 1832, the Jones family settled in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin where they made their living as dairy farmers. After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, the head of the family, Milo, was no longer able to operate the farm. What he could do is make his mother’s recipe for sausage. So, in 1889, he began selling that sausage to friends both far and wide.

After that, Jones Dairy Farm became a leader in food manufacturing. Starting in 1903, its famous “Little Pig Sausage” ad campaign was featured in popular magazines, including Saturday Evening Post, Literary Digest and Good Housekeeping, making Jones Dairy Farm an early leader in national advertising.

In 1920, Jones Dairy Farm became the first meat packing company to quick-freeze sausage. This technique locks in freshness and facilitates shipping throughout the U.S. and abroad without the need for chemicals or preservatives. This paved the way for exporting, which began in 1938.

Fast-forward to 1986 and the introduction of Jones Dairy Farm’s line of fully cooked breakfast sausage, one of the first of its kind. Just two years later in 1988 came the introduction of one of the first “light” breakfast sausage products.

Our iconic farmhouse.

You know that farmhouse you see on our package? We think it helps communicate our commitment to creating natural and wholesome products. A nod to a simpler time when things were done the right way. But it’s more than just a symbol. It’s an illustration of an actual farmhouse that’s part of the Jones Dairy Farm complex, where members of our family still live and where our products are produced to this day.

The farmhouse is a very real place and is the site of Jones Dairy Farm corporate and family events. Our friends and relatives still sleep in the bedrooms. And our kitchen still churns out family-style meals—often under the direction of Philip Jones, who, in addition to being our company’s president, is a classically trained chef.

The Jones Dairy Farm farmhouse is a living symbol of our authenticity. And our commitment to keeping things honest and real—just like Milo would have wanted it.