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John Hogg Technical Solutions

Business Address: John Hogg Technical Solutions, Mellors Road, Newbridge, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1PB

Country: England,

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About John Hogg Technical Solutions

John Hogg Technical Solutions is a leading manufacturer of solvent soluble dyes and marker chemicals for the international petroleum industry.

The John Hogg Group first started manufacturing liquid Marker Concentrates for colouring and marking “middle distillate fuels” in 1981.  Ever since we have focussed upon this same market, increasing our expertise and expanding the product range, and become one of the world’s leading specialist suppliers of dye and marker solutions exclusively for the petroleum industry.

The Belfast connection

This history of the Group goes back to 1890, when the founder Mr John Hogg set up a business in Belfast, Northern Ireland to trade in flax, the raw material that is used to make linen. To this day, the John Hogg Group is one of the biggest suppliers of Irish Linen.

The Group diversified its interests in the 1950’s and became authorised distributors of hydrocarbon fuel for Shell, first in Northern Ireland, then in North West England and North Wales.

Based in Manchester

By 1981, the Group had a strong connection with the chemical petroleum industry and invested in a site in Trafford Park, Manchester to use as a base for the fuel marking business.  Our entry into this industry was welcomed by the petroleum companies as we offered a new reliable source of supply. Gas Oil Marker Concentrate (GOMC) is used in the UK to differentiate Gas Oil from the Road Diesel that carries much higher rates of excise tax.  It is an essential element of keeping an oil refinery running and helps to protect revenue for the Government.


By 1989, the company had established a reputation for reliability and had gained significant market share in the UK.  Clearly we needed to look abroad in order to grow and were initially successful in Hong Kong, adapting the GOMC to meet local specifications.

During the 1990’s we increased the range of our products and successfully expanded our business in Europe and international markets including South America, Africa, parts of Asia and Australasia.  In 1997 we won the prestigious “Queens Award for Industry” in recognition of our export achievements.

The move into dye manufacturing

In 1999 we acquired one of our significant dye manufacturers in Greece, building a new plant and introducing quality management systems.

Over the next few years this investment enabled John Hogg to participate fully in the major expansion of the market at the time of the introduction of the Euromarker in 2002.  We believe we were more effective that any other organisation at helping the European Petroleum Industry assimilate the new regulations and materials.

In 2005 John Hogg continued to consolidate its manufacturing interests by investing in a new dye and marker manufacturing venture in Asia to maintain our competitiveness in today’s global market.  The Manchester headquarters continues to produce all the Marker Concentrate blends needed and to provide the high standard of customer service required by the petroleum industry for the foreseeable future.

Recent History

In 2010 John Hogg completed its acquisition of the BASF Dyes and Marker business.  BASF have played a major role in the Dyes and Markers market for many years and John Hogg was pleased to take up the strong customer relationships and excellent reputation they had developed.  The transfer of their business included the entire BASF Dyes and Markers business including intellectual property, brands and related technical formulations and all relevant technical and REACh information.  We are excited about the new customers, technology and synergies this has bought and we look forward to sharing the benefits with our customers.