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Business Address: The John Good Group, Matthew Good House, Bridgehead Business Park, Orchid Road, Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU13 0DH

Country: England,

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About The John Good Group

The John Good Group of companies continues to prosper under the ownership of the Good family, who founded the business in 1833.

The John Good Group of companies continues to prosper under the ownership of the Good family, who founded the business in 1833.

In the year 1813 a young boy of 11 left his Scarborough home and ‘signed on’ to the sailing brig “British Volunteer”, to begin a life-time association with the sea and shipping.

Over the next 20 years John Good developed his seagoing experience on sailing ships trading in the Baltic, White Sea and Mediterranean, before finally gaining his Master’s Certificate.

In 1833 he returned to England and set up an office in Hull, founding John Good & Co. as Ship Chandlers, Agents and Brokers, utilising the connections he had built up with Baltic and Finnish ship owners.

John developed the company over the next 30 years, expanding into owning his own ships. After retiring in 1864, two of his sons continued to run the company, and in 1883, John Good & Sons obtained its first regular liner agency, for the Finnish Steamship Company’s new cargo and passenger services between Finland and Hull. The development of this Finnish trade helped the company to prosper, and in 1908, the company became a private limited company, John Good & Sons Ltd.

After this, progress was hampered by a series of fires and the national strikes at the beginning of the 20th century and compounded by two World Wars. The wars disrupted the shipping lines to Finland and the Baltic, and damage from the German bombing of Hull destroyed several working premises.

After the Second World War, the company rebuilt, and gained new agencies from across Europe during the 1950s. During the second half of the century, John Good & Sons expanded and kept at the forefront of the industry, adapting quickly to developments such as palletisation, containerisation and ro-ro. In this period, the company also diversified, adding road haulage services and additional warehousing to its offering.

Today, the company is still family owned, and continues to expand. Now offering a complete service, from ship agency, liner agency and freight forwarding to warehousing and distribution, John Good Shipping is recognised across the UK as a leading provider of shipping services.