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About Earnshaws

A great family business tradition in fencing - Records show that the Earnshaw family has been connected with the timber trade since 1780.

The business today, which was founded in 1860, carries the name of Job Earnshaw, who worked falls of timber in the local area near Wakefield. Soon his brothers joined him in the venture, and a small sawmill was built on the Midgley site, producing parts for horse drawn carts, gates, fence posts, rails and various items used in agriculture.

The company is still owned and managed by descendants of the founders and we still maintain the same service tradition that was so important back in the 1860s. While the company has adapted and changed over the years we have built on those years of experience to be true experts in our field.

Whatever you are planning for your garden, our fencing centres are the perfect place to start.

Each of our three centres is a treasure trove of garden ideas, accessories and natural timber products. All our centres offer extensive ranges of garden fencing, gates, landscaping, decking, garden furniture and outdoor buildings – imaginatively displayed to capture the spirit of outdoor lifestyle living.

Discover a peaceful, inspiring and friendly way to choose affordable garden furniture, great value sheds, cabins, pergolas, benches as well as tools, varnishes and fixings from our well stocked on site shops. Not forgetting heaps of advice, our delivery service and a few original gifts for keen gardeners. Open seven days a week (except Brigg) to help you make the most of your garden.

The vast stocks and extensive ranges mean that you will be able to take away what you need and get cracking on that new project straight away. The well stocked shops are thoughtfully laid out with the things needed to finish any job – nails, screws, hinges, brackets and tools. For really big jobs we will deliver to your door within days.