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R Holt & Co Ltd

Business Address: R Holt & Co Ltd, 98 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8NX

Country: England,

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About R Holt & Co Ltd

Holts Gems is a well established jewellers located in Hatton Garden, London specialising in bespoke jewellery

Holts was founded in 1948 by Robert Holt. Originally trading as a Diamond Polisher, he developed the business significantly during the 1970s after moving into the field of stone cutting (lapidary). This once flourishing British craft had all but withered, but Mr Holt's determination to revive a lost art quickly progressed. Now celebrating over 60 golden years of trading, lapidary work is just one facet of this thriving gemstone business.

Holts stocks one of the largest collections of precious and semi-precious gems in the UK and offers a professional service in Bespoke Jewellery, allowing you to experience the process of Rock to Ring, pearl and bead re-stringing, stone testing and jewellery valuations.       

R. Holt & Co Ltd went through a refurbishment in 2007 and re-opened its doors under a new name, Holts Lapidary. The new shop projects the essence of the Holts business: taking rough hewn stone and turning it into exquisitely beautiful jewellery. 

Passing customers are greeted by a window display that resembles the fissure in a rock which contains the precious gems. Designed as an abstraction, it starkly frames a display of pads that seem to float in the fissure, bathed in bright warm light, beautifully presenting a wide selection of gems and jewellery. 



The ambience of the interior maintains the trade character of the traditional working environment, but now translated into a contemporary design. Directors and staff have their desks in a concentric arrangement grouped around the sales area, which takes the shape of a small arena. The circular theme is complemented by fully glazed counters which display a rainbow spectrum of coloured gems in all shapes and sizes. The arrangement makes for easy browsing and creates an intimate space in which clients can be invited to discuss their jewellery needs, attend viewings of contemporary collections or educational talks. 



Jason Holt, managing director of the business, says "This is the start of an exciting new chapter for Holts. We are one of a rare breed of UK jewellers with its own team of gem cutters working alongside design and goldsmithing teams. Our new frontage showcases that difference and the new shop will enable us to expand our business by selling direct to the many people that come to Hatton Garden to buy something genuinely unique."